Dylan Macnab

Front-End Developer

Hello, I'm a front-end developer and sometimes designer living in Portland, Oregon. I enjoy working on and learning all I can about the web.


Problem Solving

I always start with asking why. It’s important to define the problem before working on the solution.


I use all the tools at my disposal – sketches, wireframes, mockups, and code – to test and refine ideas.

Visual Design

I understand how color theory, typography, and principles of design work together to improve function and aesthetics.


Working knowledge of HTML, CSS, Sass, and some JS. I’m continuing to work on my coding skills at Treehouse. ( view my profile )

User Experience

My goal is to create positive user experiences. I do this by considering the look, feel, and usability throughout my design process.


I’m a self-motivated autodidact. I never stop learning and seek new challenges through tutorials, books, and passion projects.

Selected Work